Butterfly Valves

Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves

Product Range
Size: 50MM (2") – 350mm (14") Wafer, Lug Body Style
Temp. Range: –20% F 400
Pressure Rating: 175PSIG/150 PSIG
Flange Drilling: ASMEB 16.1 CL-125, ASMEB 16.5 CL-150

Design & Features
Bi-Directional Bubble Tight
Body Material: C.I, D.I, C.S
Stem Material: SS 304 / SS 316
Seat Material: BUNA-N
Disc Material: Nylon 11 Coated D. I, Aluminum Bronze, Stainless Steel
Design Standard : MS: SP-67, API 609
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High Performance Butterfly Valves

Product Range
Size: 50mm (2") - 350mm (14")
Wafer, Lug and Double Flanged - Body Style
Temp. Range:- -62% to 500 F
Pressure Rating:- CL-150/CL-300/CL-600
Flange Drilling:- ASME B 16.5, EN 1092

Design & Features
Body Material: C.S, S.S, Nickel Aluminum Bronze
Stem Material: SS 304/SS 316
Seat Material: RPTFE with Resilient Energizer, PTFE with Resilient Energizer
Disc Material: S.S, Nickel Aluminum Bronze
Design Standard: ASME B16.34, AP1609
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Triple Offset Butterfly Valves

Product Range
Size: 50MM (2") – 350mm (14")
Lug, Wafer, Double Flanged:- Body Style
Temp. Range: – 320 F to 842 F
Pressure Rating: CL-150/CL-300/CL-600
Flange Drilling: ASME B16.5 ASME B 16.47

Design & Features
Body Material: C.S, S.S
Stem Material: 17-4 PH, SS304/SS316
Seat Material: S.S 316 Hardened
Disc Material: C.S, S.S
Design Standard : AP 1609, ASMEB 16.34
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